Where will PSG go after spending 1.5 billion euros?

10 Mar 2022 | 09:47 | Football

The Qatari owners have never shown they lack money to invest in Paris Saint-Germain. But the defeat against Real Madrid was more than an alarm bell.

PSG’s early exit from the Champions League this season could bring a chain of collapse. In the past 10 years, the Parc des Princes team has spent about 1.5 billion euros (statistics from CIES in February 2022) on procurement and player salaries, more than any other rich club in the country. Europe.

Qataris pour money into PSG more and more every day. In return for them are failures in the most bitter way.

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Lionel Messi stood dumbfounded on the Bernabeu pitch on the morning of March 10 (Hanoi time). His right hand rests on his hip, his left hand holds his head. Leo’s eyes were filled with disappointment. He and the PSG stars were swallowed up by the boiling atmosphere on the opponent’s field.

When Kylian Mbappe scored to bring the total of the two matches to 2-0, Messi probably did not think of the terrible scenario nearly an hour later. PSG overwhelmed Real Madrid in the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League. The first 45 minutes of the second leg at the Bernabeu, they also played well against the home team.

PSG, not Real Madrid, are the top candidates for the Champions League this season. With the trio of Messi – Neymar – Kylian Mbappe on the attack and many other quality players, experts and bookies consider PSG to have the highest ability to win the European championship.
Where will PSG go after spending 1.5 billion euros? - Football

 Lionel Messi stood dumbfounded on the Bernabeu pitch after PSG were beaten up by Real Madrid on the morning of March 10 (Hanoi time). Photo: Reuters.

“We pay dearly for our mistakes,” said Marquinhos. “It’s hard to explain.”

It is true that in terms of expertise and correlation of forces, it is difficult to explain the rapid collapse of PSG. Before the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League 2021/22, PSG is more appreciated than Real Madrid. The squad of “Los Blancos” does not have many quality players like half a decade ago.

The reality that took place at PSG and Real in both turns also proves this. The French club played better most of the time. “We believe that PSG is the better team,” said PSG Sporting Director Leonardo .

Mr. Leonardo continued to emphasize that PSG built a squad enough to win the Champions League. In theory, the club’s leadership has a point. However, the fact that the French team only needed less than 20 minutes to knock everything down paints the bigger picture.

PSG’s problem is not simply individual mistakes, as Marquinhos says. The football development strategy of the PSG leadership has problems.

Losing to Real Madrid is not the first time that PSG has been beaten up by an unbelievable opponent in the Champions League. The Qatari owners saw their teams fall at Camp Nou or Parc des Princes a few years ago.

PSG made a mistake when recruiting Unai Emery, a coach who is not qualified enough to lead big clubs. Coach Thomas Tuchel arrived and brought the Parisian team to the Champions League final for the first time in the club’s history. Less than four months later, Mr. Tuchel was fired. Just a few months after leaving PSG, coach Tuchel helped Chelsea win the Champions League.

Up to this point, the PSG leadership’s decision to let Mauricio Pochettino replace Tuchel can be seen as another mistake. Sporting director Leonardo is undoubtedly the one who bears the greatest responsibility.

The president of PSG, Khelaifi, is also not innocent. When the conflict between Mr. Leonardo and coach Tuchel reached its peak at the end of 2020, PSG chose the former Brazilian player (Leonardo – PV).

Even coach Pochettino has never received the trust of the PSG leadership. Rumors about the Argentine strategist may be replaced by Zinedine Zidane have continuously appeared since the beginning of the season. Everything at PSG is like a mess.

The panic-stricken football of the PSG stars at the Bernabeu is just a consequence of the way football is done at the top of the French club. Early last month, The Collectif Ultras Paris, one of PSG’s most fervent local fan clubs, released a message expressing anger in front of the club’s management.

“The past few years PSG has been more like a variety show than a professional football club. They pamper their players like children, change coaches because of a few individuals, look down on young football and lack of it. respect the women’s team ,” the Ultras wrote on social media.

Journalist Daniel Riolo commented on RMC: “When you play sport at the highest level, what leads to success is humility and mental preparation . ” “PSG prepares for that by posting on social media and sending players to fashion shows.”

How will PSG have to get up after a bitter defeat this season? If he wants to continue his ambition to win the Champions League with PSG, the Prince of Qatar must change the way they do football.
Where will PSG go after spending 1.5 billion euros? - Football

 The trio of Pochettino, Leonardo and Khelaifi are responsible for PSG’s defeat this season. Photo: Reuters.

Waiting for the reform

It is now difficult for PSG to keep Mbappe at the club for next season. French media believe that the PSG leadership offered the 23-year-old striker a salary of up to 50 million euros per season. If you include tips and bonuses, Mbappe can receive 100 million euros a year when staying at the Parc des Princes.

However, the Qataris probably understand that even if they keep Mbappe, the French player cannot alone help PSG win the Champions League. The striker born in 1998 played excellently in both matches, but he alone was not enough.

Messi continues to disappoint in the context of the Catalan media starting to talk about the possibility of Leo returning to Barcelona or going to the US to play. The contract of the Argentine superstar with PSG is only valid until June 2023.

Neymar is like a player who no longer finds inspiration to play football. Last November, he said he could retire after the 2022 World Cup because of pressure and poor health. PSG’s dream of using the “MNM” trio to conquer Europe did not come true.

Coach Pochettino is likely to leave at the end of the season. Even after the defeat against Real Madrid, European media mentioned the possibility that the former Tottenham captain was sacked by PSG.

If coach Zidane comes, Leonardo can also leave. The French strategist is said to not like working with Mr. Leonardo. PSG’s sporting director has made many bad decisions over the years.

Coach Arsene Wenger and a few other names can take over the PSG executive chair. Mr. Khelaifi himself also faced pressure from Qatar Sports Investment Fund (QSI). The uncontrollable attitude of the PSG President in the recent Bernabeu VIP room is proof.

After 1.5 billion euros, how much more do Qataris have to lose to help PSG win the Champions League? After what happened at the Bernabeu this season, they may have realized that money alone is not enough to buy a winning culture.