When Neymar became a joke at FIFA The Best

19 Jan 2022 | 08:56 | Football

At the age of 30, all Neymar has is little faith from the world despite being once considered the best after Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Neymar received 3 votes to win The Best award. These three votes in favor belonged to Lionel Messi, Thiago Silva (Captain of Argentina and Brazil) and Selvaraj Vengadasalam, the head coach of Laos.

How many votes are 3? There were a total of 576 votes for the first place winner from national team captains and coaches and journalists around the world. That is, the number of people who consider the best Brazilian striker in 2021 only accounts for about 0.5%.

Seen through any lens, these 3 votes are all jokes depicting Neymar’s career that has never lived up to expectations.

Neymar is increasingly losing his explosive image. Photo: Reuters .

Neymar is increasingly losing his explosive image. Photo: Reuters .

What does Neymar have?

When he left Barca in the summer of 2017, what did Neymar have? In 2015, the Brazilian star finished third in the Ballon d’Or poll, behind Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. At the end of that year, Neymar finished third after two contemporary monuments of world football.

In every vote from the Internet to the prestigious media, Neymar is considered the most powerful candidate for the position of heir to the throne of Messi and Ronaldo.

Kylian Mbappe, Erling Haaland were still just boys. Gareth Bale or Eden Hazard both have their own problems. Only Neymar at the age of nine (25) with a solid position in the Brazilian national team is considered the biggest threat to CR7 and Messi.

Five years after that day, at the age of 30, what does Neymar have? At PSG, the Brazilian striker is now only behind Messi and Mbappe in terms of influence. On the world stage, Neymar is no longer looked up to.

At the title level at the club, Neymar has yet to win the Champions League. The individual title races are also facing away with the striker born in 1992. Neymar’s best position after 2017 is 12th (in 2018).

A few years ago, Barca always wanted to bring Neymar back to Camp Nou. But when the French team brought Messi to the Parc des Princes, Neymar became invisible when no club wanted him. Mbappe is now the center at PSG. The French striker is younger than Neymar, scores more goals, and is sought after from the biggest team in the world, Real Madrid.

Leaving Barca to escape the shadow of Messi is considered a brave and daring move of the star born in 1992. But half a decade after that decision that shocked the world, Neymar has not achieved any worthy achievements. tell.

The striker’s image is also tarnished by crude attacks on the biggest stage of the World Cup, endless lavish parties, and constant petty injuries.

Three out of 576 votes were thus the culmination of a string of overwhelming disappointments Neymar brought to the world.

Messi voted for Neymar to come first at The Best. Photo: Reuters .

Messi voted for Neymar to come first at The Best. Photo: Reuters .


All 3 votes for Neymar to top The Best award were not appreciated. Thiago Silva of course had to vote for his compatriot. The vote of the head coach of Laos is obviously less appreciated. But Messi’s vote left a lot of resonance.

Everyone knows how close Messi is to Neymar. In the FIFA The Best 2020 election, El Pulga also voted for the junior. However, the situation in this election is different from last year.

At the end of November 2021, Messi won the seventh Ballon d’Or when he overcame heavyweight opponent Robert Lewandowski. The Argentine superstar left a good impression when he admitted when accepting the award: “Robert Lewandowski, you deserve the Ballon d’Or. Last year, everyone agreed that you deserved to win. I think France Football should give it to you. Ballon d’Or and you should take it because you deserve it.”

But at The Best award, Messi chose the winning vote for Neymar instead of Lewandowski. The Polish striker was not even on Messi’s list of 3 votes when Kylian Mbappe and Karim Benzema came in second and third respectively.

Fans all over the forum are criticizing Messi for being “fake” with these 3 votes. The fact that Lewandowski surpassed Messi and Salah to win The Best for the second time shows the conflict between the words and actions of the Argentine superstar.

Neymar is right in the middle of that line. He played unsuccessfully in the past year, but was chosen as the best by the current owner of the Golden Ball. Neymar wants to hide in the dark to avoid the market, it is also difficult for Messi’s action.

If you look back at his own career and many other legends from his country, Neymar should probably realize this: No Brazilian player won the Ballon d’Or or World Player of the Year after the age of 30. The oldest person ever did. this is Romario (28 years old, 1994).

Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Kaka or Rivaldo are all at the top of the world at the age of 22-27, the time when the body supports the inspirational football style on the pitch and the liberal private life in real life.

Neymar now no longer has that pedestal. The 3 votes Neymar got from Messi, Thiago Silva and the head coach of Laos, thus fully portray the little faith and controversy that Neymar has from the world.

The peak of the Brazilian striker, therefore, may be behind.