Watch: Dog interrupts women’s international soccer match in Chile, asking for belly pats and rubs

13 Jul 2022 | 08:50 | Football

Watch: Dog interrupts women's international soccer match in Chile, demanding belly pats and rubs

The black Labrador was eventually eliminated by two players and a ball boy.

An international women’s soccer match was stopped after a dog entered the field. A video of the incident went viral. It shows the dog running around on the ground and demands pats and belly rubs from the player.

The humorous incident took place during the match between Chile and Venezuela women on June 26 at La Granja stadium in Curico.

The 51-second video shows Chile goalkeeper Christiane Endler patting and patting the black Labrador’s belly, which moves towards the referee.

The dog then ran the length of the yard and refused to be removed, as shown in the video. The players tried to lure it out of the ground, but it refused and continued running around.

The video then shows the Chilean players resting and talking to the coach. The dog was eventually removed by two players and a ball boy.

The friendly match ahead of Copa America will start on July 8. Venezuela won 1-0 thanks to a goal from Mariana Speckmaier eight minutes away.

Many similar incidents have been reported in the past few months. In February, a match between Sheffield Wednesday and Wigan Athletic in the English League One third division was interrupted when a cat entered the pitch.


The game was stopped because the cat refused to leave the field. Wigan . Scottish footballer Jason Kerr tried to coax the cat to leave the yard and eventually did after several times.

Kerr tickled and picked up the cat before escorting the cat to the yard. Kerr’s response received much praise from fans.

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