V-League before the opening day: Miserable because of the Covid-19 epidemic

24 Feb 2022 | 09:22 | Football

Almost every team has a player with Covid-19, even some teams “stick” up to two-thirds of their troops before the opening day of the V-League 2022.

After 2021 had to be canceled due to the Covid-19 epidemic, Night Wolf V-League 2022 is promised to return attractively by the strong investment of the teams. However, the tournament organizers and clubs are at risk of breaking their plans when the Covid-19 pandemic is still complicated.

In fact, compared to last year’s season, V-League 2022 is even more heavily affected by the pandemic. Right in the opening round, there was a match that had to be stopped because of the Covid-19 epidemic.

It was the match between Hanoi and Thanh Hoa at Hang Day Stadium. Hanoi FC has 4-5 players with Covid-19, while Thanh Hoa has up to 18 players positive for SARS-CoV-2.
V-League before the opening day: Miserable because of the Covid-19 epidemic - Football

 The match between Hanoi and Thanh Hoa has to be postponed

After verifying and understanding the situation from Thanh Hoa Club, the organizers of Night Wolf V-League 2022 decided to postpone the match indefinitely and will arrange a compensatory match at a suitable time.

Another match between Binh Dinh Club and Viettel also had many players positive for SARS-CoV-2. The martial arts team sent a written request to postpone the match to VPF, when 19 players had Covid-19.

However, during the testing session that took place on the morning of February 24, the day before the match, Binh Dinh Club still had 14 players registered with the tournament organizer, so the Binh Dinh vs Viettel match took place normally.

“The team has many players with Covid-19 but still enough people to play. We determine how many players play. I myself have had Covid-19 and had negative results 4 days ago, currently ready for the opening match,” said striker Mac Hong Quan of Binh Dinh.

V-League before the opening day: Miserable because of the Covid-19 epidemic - Football

 Coach Duc Thang recently contracted Covid-19, could not hold the army in the opening match of Binh Dinh

Viettel club can only bring about 20 players on this trip. Players with Covid-19 are isolated in accordance with regulations at the headquarters.

The remaining teams of the V-League also did not have enough numbers to compete in the opening match. SLNA is absent head coach Nguyen Huy Hoang and some players because they are in isolation.

Similar to Ha Tinh club, SHB Da Nang, Nam Dinh, Hai Phong … all have around 10 players infected with Covid-19. The most is the Nam Dinh team, only coach Nguyen Van Sy is not yet F0, the rest are “sticky”. Fortunately, the players of the Nam Thanh football team recovered in time and had enough troops to play the opening match against HAGL.

According to VPF General Director Nguyen Minh Ngoc, this year’s tournament regulations have special regulations, each team is allowed to register 35 players (at least 11 official players and 3 reserve players, including goalkeepers). subject).

On the day of the match, the club does not guarantee the minimum number of registered players (14/35) due to Covid-19 infection, the match will have to be postponed. The tournament management board will arrange the match to make up for the appropriate time, the clubs must comply.
Limit the audience to enter the field

Facing the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, the clubs have many epidemic prevention plans, most of which only sell tickets about 50% of the capacity of the stadium. According to VPF, the form of organizing a closed match, 50% of the audience or opening the door entirely depends on the match organizers and the epidemic situation in that locality.