The incident appeared, MU was at risk of being overturned to sell Pereira

19 Feb 2022 | 04:43 | Football

The deal Andreas Pereira joined Flamengo suddenly appeared a new situation detrimental to Manchester United.

Andreas Pereira shows off his skills when leaving Man Utd

After taking charge of Man Utd, Ralf Rangnick has not brought in any new recruits. Instead, the German coach focused on reducing the Red Devils squad. This winter, a series of disgraced names had to leave Old Trafford to look for opportunities in a new destination.

Recently, the press reported, Man Utd reached an agreement to sell Andreas Pereira permanently. The lack of opportunities to play is the reason why Pereira left Old Trafford. 
‘Important people’ at club working to cancel deal with Man United - Pereira - Bóng Đá

 Pereira may not join Flamengo.

Reporter Fabrizio Romano himself confirmed, the transfer contract between Man Utd and Flamengo for Pereira’s case is complete. The deal is worth 10.5 million euros plus 25% of the fee to sell Pereira on terms.

However, everything changed rapidly. Specifically, the Mirror newspaper, citing sources from Jorge Nicola, revealed that some important figures are trying to convince Flamengo BLD to cancel the Pereira transfer contract.

In other words, they tried to convince president Rodolfo Landim to give up the signing. The reason is because, the Brazilian media said that Pereira was not worth the price of 10.5 million euros when the recent performance was not convincing.

Not to mention, Pereira is 26 years old and with Man Utd only 1 year left to expire. Therefore, the Pereira deal is in danger of falling apart.