The Chinese team fell deeply in the FIFA rankings

31 Mar 2022 | 14:21 | Football

The 77th position on the FIFA rankings is the worst performance in the past four years for Chinese men’s football.

The Chinese team ended their journey to the third qualifying round of the 2022 World Cup with a 0-2 loss at Oman. Mr. Li Xiaopeng’s teachers and students only stood above the Vietnamese team with two points of difference. They even lost the second leg against Mr. Park’s teachers and students with a score of 1-3.

Unable to go to Qatar at the end of the year, the Chinese team was also alarmed when it fell behind on the FIFA rankings in March 2022. They dropped 2 places to 77th. This is the worst performance since coach Marcello Lippi left four years ago. At that time, they ranked 65th.

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The Chinese team (white shirt) closed the 2022 World Cup qualifiers with a 0-2 loss to Oman. Photo: CFA.

In Asia, the position of the Chinese team also decreased significantly. They are still in the top 15 but are in 10th place in the region. New coach Li Xiaopeng has a reason to blame the performance of each player. The Chinese team is having internal problems.

Chinese football expert Mr. Ma Dexing said: “Looking at the 2018 World Cup qualifiers to now, the team has changed too many coaches in four years. Another problem is that the leadership of the Chinese Football Federation has also changed a lot. This person will change another policy, conflict from the union itself.”

And journalist Bai Guohua said that Chinese football needs to be ashamed to go up. “The loss to Vietnam on New Year’s Day is really embarrassing. And the loss to Oman is as if we have lost our sanity. We don’t have a good way to train human resources,” Mr. Bai said.

He recounted how the Japanese praised Chinese football for being able to quickly reach the world level when it attracted more football stars than the J-League. With such top names, Chinese football should have learned a lot.

Japanese men’s football is ranked second in Asia. The Japanese team ranked 23rd on the FIFA rankings. Hajime Moriyasu’s teachers and students even usurped Iran’s throne but could not maintain its position after a 1-1 draw against Vietnam on March 29.

Le Minh – | 19:41 March 31, 2022