Terry speaks out about the owner who wants to buy Chelsea

04 Mar 2022 | 12:46 | Football

 Billionaire Roman Abramovich has decided to withdraw from Chelsea and conduct the sale of the club in recent days.

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After much speculation, the Roman Abramovich era at Chelsea is finally coming to an end. In the latest announcement, the Russian billionaire announced his decision to sell The Blues when he said: ” I want to clarify the speculations in the media channels of the past few days, regarding the ownership of the Blues. As I said before, I always make decisions that are in the best interest of the team.

… The sale of the club will not take place quickly but will be in a logical order. I will not ask to repay any loan. Money or business issues have never been my concern. For me, passion for the sport and the club is above all else .”

Immediately, information appeared that UFC fighter Conor McGregor wanted to spend money to own The Blues. The Irishman himself also expressed excitement at this prospect when he constantly updated his status lines on social networks about being able to become the new boss at Chelsea. 

Terry speaks out about the owner who wants to buy Chelsea - Football

Although McGregor is not considered to have enough financial potential, he is still very determined to buy Chelsea.   

In response to that move, West London legend John Terry had a cryptic message to McGregor, as he commented under the post about his statement of wanting to buy the Blues with emojis. (emoji), including 1 pair of eyes, 1 blue heart and 1 soccer ball

It is still unclear, whether Terry will agree to let McGregor and the investors who collaborated with the Irish Republican to buy Chelsea.