Ronaldo must change if he wants to stick with Man Utd

18 Mar 2022 | 10:53 | Football

 According to Gary Neville, Cristiano Ronaldo must change if he wants to continue to stick with Man Utd under the new coach.

Man Utd announce Ronaldo’s return from Juventus

The Red Devils are currently accelerating the process of bringing in a new captain to replace Ralf Rangnick. At the same time, the future of Cristiano Ronaldo is also in big question marks. CR7 signed a 2-year contract when he returned to Old Trafford, but it is unclear whether the Portuguese striker will continue to stick with the Red Devils or not.

Moreover, Ronaldo’s presence in the squad will also greatly influence the new coach’s philosophy. “I’m not sure, it depends on who the coach is and what the project is for the new coach,” said Gary Neville .

He probably wants young players who basically play high pressing and can create a high level of play that way.

Gary Neville warns new Man Utd manager could force Ronaldo out – ‘He doesn’t take that too well’ - Bóng Đá

 Ronaldo’s future is a big question mark.

If he wants to play in a different way, and can accept that there will be a great goalscorer on the team, who is essentially the all-time greatest goalscorer then yes, there will be a place. for Ronaldo.

But I think it takes a Ronaldo to accept that he won’t play every week, and there are moments when he doesn’t play. I think that’s what’s important.

Ronaldo doesn’t seem to accept that positively, he is very clearly motivated and wants to play every game.

For me it’s 50-50. Not only do I have a 50-50 view on whether Man Utd wants to keep him, but whether Ronaldo wants to stay and contribute to the club until he is 38 and 39 years old.