Premier League: Brighton Stun Tottenham Hotspur to Dent Champions League Fee

16 Apr 2022 | 15:30 | Football

Brighton prevented Tottenham Hotspur from heading into next season’s Champions League when Leandro Trossard scored in the 90th minute to give the visitors a 1-0 win on Saturday. Spurs’ lead over Arsenal in the battle for fourth place in the Premier League is still three points away, but the Gunners now have two games in their hands. Antonio Conte’s men have won four games in a row, starting with a 2-0 win over Brighton last month, to turn the roller coaster ride of the Italian side’s first season.

However, the prolific Harry Kane and Son Heung-min were kept under wraps as the hosts attempted to create any obvious chances.

“Today we did everything too slowly,” Conte said. “It was not a good game for us.

“When we can’t win, we shouldn’t lose and that’s the lesson for us today. When it’s not our day, we have to pay more attention, not to lose.”

Brighton have done a huge favor for Tottenham by ending last weekend’s seven-match winless streak at Arsenal.

With confidence restored, the Seagulls looked like their old counterparts under Graham Potter as they took control of the game and completed a double in north London thanks to Trossard’s precise finish at the last minute.

Potter said: “The player for a man is special.

“To score the last goal, it was a great day for us. It was not a lucky win and it was all down to the players.”

Both sides were lucky to still have 11 men on the field at the end of a difficult first half when Tottenham’s Dejan Kulusevski was shown a yellow card for an elbow swing on Marc Cucurella.

Cucurella then retaliated with a punch to Kulusevski’s ankle, while Enock Mwepu twice avoided a second yellow card.

Tottenham improved only slightly in the second half as Trossard blocked Son’s effort from close range before Rodrigo Bentancur fired a long shot after.

Brighton continued to pose an even greater threat with Hugo Lloris tested with a Lewis Dunk header.

Trossard produced the quality the game needed in the 90 minutes when he sold Eric Dier a dummy to create space for a stunning finish against Lloris.

Spurs’ best chance of the game came seconds later when Kane headed home Steven Bergwijn, but the Dutchman dribbled well to end their day.

Arsenal could equalize points with local rivals if they bounce back from two consecutive defeats to Southampton late on Saturday.

Manchester United also still have a chance to finish fourth if they return to a home win over bottom team Norwich.


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