Pepe or Zaha is better, the expert has an answer for Arsenal

15 Mar 2022 | 12:50 | Football

 Neil Warnock and Simon Jordan believe Arsenal made a big mistake by signing Nicolas Pepe instead of Wilfried Zaha in the summer of 2019.

Pepe returns to Arsenal training ground

After the defeat in the Europa League, Unai Emery wants to reform his attack. Wilfried Zaha was on the radar of Arsenal at the time, but the Gunners did not sign the contract because the transfer fee was too high.
Pepe or Zaha is better, the expert has an answer for Arsenal - Football

 Pepe is trying to regain his form. 

As a result, Arsenal signed his Ivory Coast team-mate Nicolas Pepe for a club-record £72m that summer (according to the BBC).

Speaking about Zaha, Simon Jordan said on TalkSport: I think Wilfried Zaha has the ability to develop as well as Riyad Mahrez .”

“I think he’s a good player. The reason Zaha hasn’t been as effective as other players is because he hasn’t played in better positions. Arsenal would rather pay £70m for Pepe than numbers. £60 million for Palace.”

Former Palace manager Neil Warnock replied: ” It was a mistake by Arsenal. They should have bought Zaha. They spent some money on Pepe and what has he done for Arsenal?”

In this season, Pepe is used quite limited by coach Mikel Arteta. However, in general, Pepe’s performance after returning from AFCON was better than before. 

“Nico is on the right track and when you can afford to contribute to the team you get more minutes. The more playing time you have, the more you need to take advantage of them and show what you can do in the game. practice every day. Surely Nico has the ability to do it,” Arteta praised the student.