Klopp: ‘Looking back at the way he played, he was an outstanding player’

12 Mar 2022 | 13:39 | Football

 Coach Jurgen Klopp has hinted about the possibility of signing a new Liverpool contract with midfielder Naby Keita.

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Keita, 27, joined Liverpool from RB Leipzig in July 2018 in a deal worth £59m but his current deal ends in the summer of 2023. The Guinea international is not really a character. main at Anfield and there are rumors that Liverpool will be willing to let him go in the future.

However, when asked about whether the club would open talks with Keita over a new contract, Klopp appeared confident that a new deal would be signed.
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 Keita contributed to Liverpool’s major titles.

“Naby’s future will be great. Until then, it doesn’t make sense to talk about his contract. Naby could get his 100th game for Liverpool, that’s an impressive number but it could be. more than that because he gets injured sometimes.”

When I look back at the way he’s played, he’s an outstanding player. Out of those 100 games, I think 80 was really good.”

Keita has made 67 Premier League appearances with six goals and five assists.

Compared to last season, Liverpool are having a much better season and have returned to the championship race, they are 6 points behind Man City but played 1 game less, next month will directly meet the blue shirt team.