Kepa left the goal to trap Kane for offside

13 Jan 2022 | 12:22 | Football

The Spanish goalkeeper had a conscious handling phase, pushing the opponent into an offside position in the semi-final second leg of the League Cup between Chelsea and Tottenham on the morning of January 13 (Hanoi time).

In the 64th minute, Harry Kane hit Chelsea after a pass from Lucas Moura. However, VAR stepped in and discovered the offside error of the striker born in 1993.

In this situation, Kepa Arrizabalaga handled it well. He rose in the previous ball. After that, this goalkeeper did not back down even though he saw his teammates lose the ball right in front of the penalty area. Instead, the former Athletic Bilbao keeper stayed behind, cornering Lucas Moura to give Antonio Rudiger time to move behind.

At this point, Rudiger is counted as Chelsea’s last defensive player. Meanwhile, Kane also received the ball when standing under the last defender of the away team, Andreas Christensen. Accordingly, Spurs’ goal was invalid.

Kepa's daring tackle.

Kepa’s daring tackle.


Kepa and his teammates worked well together. The proof is that this goalkeeper raised his hand to signal the referees at the moment the home team striker received the ball.

“Normal goalkeepers would step back to protect the goal but Kepa is different, he moves up to get Kane to be flagged for offside,” commented Menon fans. Agreeing, The Final Third account said: “The processing phase shows Kepa’s high IQ”.

Before this situation, the VAR team twice reversed the decision of the referee. In the 56th minute, Moura fell in the forbidden area when he collided with Kepa. Mr. Marriner awarded the host a penalty but withdrew the decision when he discovered the Chelsea goalkeeper touched the ball first.

40 minutes, Kane had the ball ready for a penalty kick but he had to return it to Kepa because the VAR team determined the point where Antonio Rudiger fouled Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg outside the penalty area.

“VAR did an excellent job in today’s game from Rudiger fouling Hojbjerg to Kepa clashing with Lucas Moura in the penalty area and now Kane is offside,” journalist Henry Winter said. of TimeSports commended the VAR team’s effective support to referee Andre Marriner.

The victory over Spurs made Thomas Tuchel the first manager in Chelsea history to help the club reach the final of the FA Cup, Champions League and League Cup in just 350 working days.