It’s true that Ozil refuses to play because the club “snubbed” his salary

05 Mar 2022 | 13:05 | Football

 Recently, Fenerbahce denied that Mesut Ozil refused to play for the club due to unpaid wages.

Looking back at Ozil’s glorious career

Midfielder Mesut Ozil has not played for Fenerbahce since January 19 and has missed Fenerbahce’s last seven matches. Turkish TV station Volkan Demir has revealed through channel A Spor that the former Arsenal midfielder has gone on strike for not being paid. 
The truth is that Ozil refuses to play because he is not paid - Football

 Ozil is no longer happy at Fenerbahce.

However, Fenerbahce immediately denied this false information. The Turkish club said: “The news that  Mesut Ozil is not playing because the club owes wages is not true at all .”


“In our experience, this type of fake news created completely indiscriminately, without being confirmed by any official from our club, has exceeded the limit of our tolerance. . Despite the heavy economic conditions at Fenerbahce, payments have been made on time thus far.”

“We will invite Volkan Demir, who spoke out about this news, to correct his comments and apologise. Otherwise, we would like to point out that our club will not be able to participate in any of them. what organization or institution it organizes,” said Fenerbahce’s board of directors angrily. 

It is known that Fenerbahce is currently burdened with more than £312 million in debt and is placed under strict financial constraints by UEFA.

Meanwhile, Spain’s Diario AS newspaper claimed last September that Ozil was unhappy at Fenerbahce and wanted to leave the club.