Indian women lost 0-2 to Mexico U-17

15 Jul 2022 | 08:03 | Football

The Indian women’s team had to receive a 0-2 defeat against Mexico in the last match.© AFP

The Indian women’s team suffered a 0-2 defeat to Mexico in the final match of the 6th Torneo Women’s Under-17 Football Championship in Vilesse, Italy on Sunday. Mexico scored one goal in each half to close the game, with Katherin Sillas and Alice Gallegos on the scoreboard. The match got off to a heady start as both sides tended to settle down with a good rhythm. Indian keeper Melody Chanu was called into action early on, as she frequently went out of her way to punch Mexican crosses and dangerous corners.

In the 14th minute, Chanu made another save, but Katherin Sillas was there in time to push the ball into the post.

The first half ended with Mexico taking the lead in the dressing room.

India had a good chance to eat from the free kick but defender Purnima Kumari went over the bar. Minutes later, Chanu was once again called to action as she made another dive save.


India head coach Thomas Dennerby brought in Misha Bhandari and Pinku Devi in ​​place of Naketa and Nitu Linda, with just a few minutes left.

However, Mexico soon scored in the third minute of injury time thanks to Alice Gallegos to preserve the victory.

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