Indian Football Administrators File Immunity Claim Against Former AIFF Director

22 Aug 2022 | 08:16 | Football

The Governing Body (CoA) which currently governs football in the country has filed a lawsuit against ousted AIFF president Praful Patel for “interference in the proceedings” of the Supreme Court, which last week issued national federation election order. In the lawsuit, the CoA said Patel “conducted a meeting of 35 Intervention Member Associations (the AIFF’s state association) with the express purpose of interfering with the Hon’ble Court proceedings.” this …” of the aforementioned meeting, conducted on Zoom at 11 a.m. on Aug. 8. They said they had “interfered with the administration of justice by violating serious orders” approved by the highest court.

The petition makes a call to ban Patel “from participating in and holding any prior football-related office, including and not limited to positions within FIFA and AFC”.

It also asked the highest court to initiate proceedings for contempt of court against those accused of “intervening in the administration of justice, and knowingly and blatantly obeying orders.” … and punish them with the maximum penalty prescribed by law”.

Along with Patel, the virtual meeting was attended by IFA (Bengali football body) president Subrata Dutta, Delhi Football Director Shaji Prabhakaran and five others, who formed the seven-member committee representing the teams. AIFF’s state association in negotiations for the drafting of the new constitution.

All seven of them were also done with Patel.

If the contents of the scorecard submitted to the highest court are proven, it will expose the secret dealings of Indian football, which have long been talked about in a discreet tone.

“…in the meeting said he implied he had arranged for the 5.08.2022 letter from FIFA-AFC,” the contempt complaint was filed by former Election Commissioner SY Quraishi, on behalf of for three CoA members, said .

“Mr. Praful Patel with the State Associations made clear the ill intention of interfering and obstructing the election to be held in accordance with the time and direction of this Hon’ble Court.” World football governing body FIFA on August 5, in a letter to the All India Football Confederation, threatened to ban India for third-party interference and deprive itself of the football championship. Women’s U-17 world after the Supreme Court ordered the AIFF election to include 36 former players in the electoral college.

Elections will be held on August 28, and the CoA has appointed a Back Officer to the polls.

Patel is currently a member of the powerful FIFA Council.

Referring to a transcript of the meeting’s progress, the CoA said “several government officials have discussed with the State Associations that they will submit a Request for Review in support of the State Associations and then The association can follow suit.” “Exactly as discussed in the Meeting, Union of India has now filed the Application for Amendment before this Hon’ble Court and it wishes to mention before the Court on 10.08.2022, then the States that have apply,” it said.

The petition also states that “the government has been misled by state associations, as well as FIFA-AFC, who are unaware of the duplicate role being played by Mr. Patel”.

“The CoA has found that it was these same State Associations before the Hon’ble Court that had agreed to in fact approach several individuals within the Department of Unions with a copy of the FIFA-AFC letter (threatening India ban) and created a fear of AIFF being suspended for non-compliance.

“There was no consultation with the CoA (although extensive meetings have been held previously with the ASG, Mr. Sanjay Jain and ministry officials) regarding the response to the FIFA-AFC letter, but at the behest of the State Associations, some members of the department believed that the Supreme Court’s order should be amended.” On Tuesday, the sport ministry referred the Supreme Court seeking to amend the August 3 order in regarding the election of the AIFF’s executive committee and the inclusion of former players in the electoral college said that FIFA and AFC have “strong reservations in the membership structure of the AIFF”.

Referring further to the transcripts, the CoA said in the petition: “All direction and decisions, including convening the next meeting, are those of Mr. Praful Patel.

“Mr Patel’s repeated admission that ‘the purpose of the letter is to help State Associations’ reveals that it was arranged at his behest to interfere with this Hon’ble Court order.” , the petition said.


“Mr Patel’s statement that ‘I’ll know what FIFA is thinking too… and what AFC is thinking’ reiterates his active role in pushing India towards a suspension by concealing his disobedience. true to FIFA and AFC,” it said. .

“The seven authorized representatives of the State Associations sworn in at this Hon’ble Court played a key role in the meeting and were sent to bid on Mr. Patel.”

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