Experience the Next Generation Cup An opportunity I didn’t have as a young Indian player: Sunil Chhetri

26 Jul 2022 | 08:53 | Football

Team India captain Sunil Chhetri commended the joint efforts of Football Sports Development Limited (FSDL) and the Premier League in providing a platform for India’s emerging footballers to take their game to the next level at the Next Generation Cup, 2022 The talented striker feels the UK tournament is an opportunity he never had as a young player in India.

“This was an opportunity that I didn’t have as a young player in India, and I’m really happy that the Premier League and ISL have joined hands to make this happen,” said Chhetri, top scorer. third in the world said. world, in an official statement.

The 2022 edition of the Next Generation Cup is organized by the Premier League and is part of a partnership with FSDL in which the two have worked closely together for the holistic development of Indian football.

“The Next Generation Cup provides the opportunity for our players to get out on the pitch and gain experience playing against the youth teams of some of the best teams in the UK,” said Chhetri.

“I’m really excited to see our young players get this opportunity, and it also shows our coaches the boys who knocked on the first team’s door in action,” he added. .

Chhetri adds impetus to India’s emerging talent inspired by young players who have recently broken the glass ceiling and made their mark with the national team.

“To give them a message becomes easy when examples like Roshan Singh are in front of you. Think of where he was exactly a year ago and look back now, the journey from the academy of sentences. club to the first team and then to the India team. He was a boy among them, and he completely changed the life around. That’s what you can do when you work hard. ,” Chhetri commented.


Under-21 teams of the teams finished in the top two in the inaugural tournament of the Reliance Foundation Development League (RFDL), which will represent India in the global arena against top Premier League academy teams.

FSDL and the Premier League in their 8-year partnership have worked together to develop the sport in India, focusing on various aspects including coaching and refereeing along with the development of the sport. of teenagers.

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