Dybala’s unexpected ending at Juventus

26 Jan 2022 | 10:20 | Football

The overturning of contract extension with Paulo Dybala and spending 67 million euros to buy Dusan Vlahovic is a testament to the change in Juventus’ development strategy.

On January 1, 2022, the time according to FIFA’s law, Paulo Dybala was free to negotiate to find a new destination when his contract with Juventus would expire in June, no club looked at the Argentine striker.

Because reputable sources like Fabrizio Romano or Sky have confirmed that Dybala’s contract extension with Juventus and salary increase from 7.3 to 10 million euros/season is only a matter of time. The negotiation process between the two sides has lasted since the summer of 2021 and is expected to reach a general agreement by the end of the year.

25 days later, the relationship between Dybala and Juventus was described as “completely broken”. No contract has been signed. The Italian press confirmed that La Joya is not in the future plans of the “Old Lady” and will leave on a free transfer in the summer.

Dybala's unexpected ending at Juventus - Football

Dybala is about to lose his footing at Juventus. Photo: Reuters. 

The Fall of Faith

When coach Max Allegri returns to Juventus in the summer of 2021, one of his biggest goals is to bring Dybala back to his original position. “Dybala is not playing to his full potential in the last two years,” Allegri emphasized.

After parting ways with Cristiano Ronaldo in the final days of the summer 2021 transfer window, Juve want to put Dybala at the center of the team. However, what the Argentine star showed was disappointment. He scored 7 goals in Serie A this season in 17 games. On average, Dybala kicks 72 minutes/match.

Dybala's unexpected ending at Juventus - Football

Dusan Vlahovic is the answer of the Juventus leadership team to Dybala’s demand for a salary increase. Photo: Reuters. 

Dybala’s poor form led to Juventus being far behind in the championship race. The “old lady” is 11 points behind the leader of Inter and has played more than one match. The attack with Dybala is considered the leader with 34 goals so far, ranked 13th in Serie A, less than Verona and Sassuolo. There was a time when Juve fell into the relegation group because they did not know how to score and the defense was loose.

Despite this poor performance, Dybala still had the upper hand in the process of renewing his contract with Juve when he asked for a salary of 10 million euros/season (the highest in Serie A) and was approved. However, the arrival of sporting director Federico Cherubini changed Dybala’s entire landscape at Juve.

Unlike his predecessor Fabio Paratici, Cherubini is tough in his relationship with the brokers. Dybala’s unconvincing performance further supported Cherubini’s contract extension with the Argentine star.

Cherubini wants Dybala to prove himself worthy of Juve, and insists on a salary of 7.3 million euros per season. Dybala was not happy with this decision and threatened to leave. In response, Cherubini quickly completed the Dusan Vlahovic deal from Fiorentina for 67 million euros.


The Italian press asserted that this was a direct blow to Dybala’s star position at the Allianz Stadium. Juve will build the team around Vlahovic, a striker 7 years younger than Dybala, and once described by Christian Vieri as “as good as Erling Haaland”.

Fulvio Valcareggi, the agent who has a good relationship with Juve, even asserts that Dybala is now outside the future plans of the “Old Lady”. The relationship between this striker and the Juve leadership team is also completely broken.

Which stop for Dybala?

Bringing Vlahovic is said to help Juve thoroughly solve the problem of attack. The Serbian striker scored 17 goals in Serie A this season, equal to exactly 50% of Juve’s goals. In the context of a shaky position, a new destination for Dybala began to appear.

Inter director Beppe Marotta is closely monitoring Dybala’s situation at Inter and is ready to jump in when the striker’s contract expires with the Turin team. Fulvio Valcareggi also confirmed this scenario when predicting La Joya would join Inter on a free transfer in the summer transfer window.

Dybala's unexpected ending at Juventus - Football

Marotta is ready to roll out the red carpet to welcome Dybala to Inter. Photo: Inter.

Inter basically has enough money to pay Dybala’s salary when it will part with a series of high-paid stars in the next summer such as Arturo Vidal, Kolarov or Matias Vecino. Dybala himself is also indebted to Marotta when this is the person who brought him to Juve in 2015 from Palermo.

In fact, Inter wanted to bring Dybala to Giuseppe Meazza in the summer of 2019, according to an exchange contract equal to Mauro Icardi. However, Dybala at that time felt unconvinced with Inter’s plan, so he refused. The Nerazzurri are also tough not to push Icardi to Juve without Dybala in the opposite direction. The deal therefore fell apart.

But after 3 years, the situation is very different when Inter is surpassing Juve to become the strongest team in Italy with a suitable development path. Joining Inter at this time is beneficial for Dybala. The Nerazzurri has been a good land for Argentine players throughout history. The striker born in 1993 will also be paired with junior Lautaro Martinez in attack.

Joining Juve in the summer of 2015, Dybala has always been considered the treasure of the “Old Lady”, but after 7 years, this striker has never reached the level expected at the Allianz Stadium.

When sublimated, Dybala can surpass Ronaldo to become the “Best Player of the Year” Serie A 2019/20. But when he fell, this striker could disappear like last season when he had 4 goals in the number one league in the country of pasta.

Juve has now completely lost patience with the Argentine striker and the separation next June is clearly visible. This is an unexpected ending for La Joya.