Crushing Burnley, Chelsea realized what was missing for so long

06 Mar 2022 | 12:13 | Football

 Chelsea have just won an impressive 4-0 victory at Turf Moor Stadium of difficult opponent, Burnley.

What did Reece James say when he signed a new contract with Chelsea?

The Blues looked lethargic and passive for the first 45 minutes at Turf Moor, but they were sublime after the break. Reece James – who had just returned to the starting line-up after a long break with injury – broke the deadlock and Kai Havertz then scored a quick brace before Christian Pulisic sealed the victory 4- 4. 0 for the home team in the 69th minute.

The 3 points won helps The Blues continue to consolidate the 3rd position in the Premier League rankings, but most importantly, this victory also helps teachers and coach Thomas Tuchel’s team to clear their spirits after the recent events. when they have just received a close defeat to Liverpool on the 11m mark in the Carabao Cup final, and have received unhappy information with the owner Roman Abramovich’s decision to sell the club. 

In addition to the positive results obtained, the individual Chelsea performances against Burnley were also outstanding. In particular, the return of right-back Reece James from injury, when he contributed 1 goal and 1 assist for teammate Kai Havertz to score. 

Crushing Burnley, Chelsea realized what was missing for a long time - Football

Reece James shines in victory over Burnley.  

Previously, he had been absent since December because of a hamstring injury, thereby missing the opportunity with the team to attend the FIFA Club World Cup as well as important Premier League matches that if won. If you win, surely the opportunity to chase the top of Man City will not be as far away as it is today with teachers and coaches Thomas Tuchel. 

Without Reece James, Chelsea only has Cesar Azpilicueta as a reliable choice in the right corridor. However, the Spaniard’s ability to participate in the attack is not too impressive, not to mention his physical foundation has also been affected quite a lot after the dense schedule of matches in the past period. 

It was not until Reece James returned that the Blues’ play showed the difference. James’s ability to move intelligently, handle skillfully, cross the ball effectively as well as penetrate the penalty area to finish unexpectedly has brought a very high mutation in Chelsea’s attacks. 

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Reece James helps Chelsea’s ball phases become much better.

The English defender’s excellent form is also what Thomas Tuchel’s teachers and students lack in the past 2 months , with less impressive results causing the West London representative to suffer from falling behind compared to Liverpool. and Man City at the EPL. 

But now, Reece James is back and his brilliant performance has sown a new hope for the Blues in the title competition in the near future.