Changing plans with Dybala, Juventus wants to build a top trio

08 Feb 2022 | 06:36 | Football

 Juventus shows their efforts to keep Paulo Dybala in order to create a dream attack.

Paulo Dybala has been one of the key players for Juventus in recent years and this has not changed for the time being. As long as Dybala is healthy, he will occupy a spot in the starting lineup.

However, his future is still a question mark. No 10’s current contract expires at the end of this season but the club has not reached an agreement to extend it with Dybala. The Bianconeri still does not want to end the relationship with the star born in 1993 at the present time despite the stalling negotiation process.
Changing plans with Dybala, Juventus wants to build a top trio - Football

 Juventus attaches great importance to keeping Dybala.

As reported by, Juventus will meet Dybala’s entourage later this month. The meeting is scheduled for February 23-25, where they will discuss extending Dybala’s contract with a new scheme. The fact that Juventus changes plans to convince Dybala will also not affect the salary proposal for this striker.

Previously, Dybala is said to have agreed a new contract with Juventus in October through a four-year deal worth 8 million euros per season plus 2 million euros in surcharges. The Bianconeri is open to making the same offer again, although the surcharges could be slightly tweaked. They are expecting compromises regarding the commission of agent Jorge Antun.

Juventus want Dybala’s entourage to forgo around 4-5 million euros in commissions and expect to transfer the money directly to the player rather than his agent. If this is approved, the greater the possibility that Juventus will keep the former Palermo star.

Once Dybala commits his future at Allianz Stadium, this is an important step to help Lao Ba shape the dream attack in the future. Last weekend in a convincing 2-0 victory over Hellas Verona, a 4-3-1-2 formation with Dybala kicking back to support the duo Dusan Vlahovic – Alvaro Morata maximized efficiency .
Changing plans with Dybala, Juventus wants to build a top trio - Football

 New trio of Juventus.

Dybala has the right to widen movement, link lines and create. Morata also brought out his full potential by competing alongside other No 9s thanks to his large range of motion. This combination helps the Juventus attack to operate more smoothly and to be more visible.

Dybala is an important nucleus in this system, so Juventus will pay special attention to convincing him to sign the next contract.


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