Being ‘booed’ by the audience for withdrawing young stars, surprised by Ralf Rangnick’s reaction

04 Jan 2022 | 13:52 | Football

Man Utd had an extremely weak match at their own home ground. But even coach Ralf Rangnick himself was questioned by huge questions, especially in his use of personnel and substitutions.

Besides the poor performance and the spirit of competition at many times not reaching the best state from the whole team, the role of the coach in this defeat of Man Utd cannot be ignored. In a way, Ralf Rangnick made incorrect decisions in the match against Wolves this morning.

One of them was the decision to withdraw striker Mason Greenwood from the field in the second half of the first half of the second half to make room for Bruno Fernandes. According to what was reported by Talksport after the match ended, the substitution of coach Rangnick received mixed opinions from the fans present at Old Trafford.


Being 'booed' by the audience for withdrawing young stars, surprised by Ralf Rangnick's reaction

Greenwood was withdrawn at the start of the second half for Bruno. Source: Internet

In particular, many of them expressed displeasure, even booed the German when he took Greenwood off the field in a game where Man Utd needed the speed of strikers playing on the flanks. to find goals. The young British star was also one of the best players on the home team’s side in the previous period

But when asked about this situation, coach Rangnick was very calm and said that it was his personal decision: “Greenwood played well but I realized it was time to make a substitution. I was quite nervous at that time because I wanted to increase my attack firepower, but I didn’t want to get rid of one of my two central midfielders.”



Being 'booed' by the audience for withdrawing young stars, surprised by Ralf Rangnick's reaction

Cavani played the full 90 minutes against Wolverhampton. Source: Internet

“In the end, I had to ask myself, should I pull Cavani or Greenwood out to make room for another attacking player. It was a very difficult question and I ended up pulling Greenwood out. MU was attacking at that time and needed a striker to play directly and quickly, so Edinson would be a more suitable choice. I’m Greenwood’s replacement and that’s my decision.” Rangnick told Talksport in a post-match interview.

But in the opposite direction, it is understandable for this decision of coach Rangnick. Man Utd need a little more creativity from Bruno’s passes to break through the solid defensive wall of Wolves. Unfortunately, the Red Devils did not achieve the goal and had to accept defeat right at Old Trafford.