2 truths and differences behind Ronaldo’s attitude to Rangnick

20 Jan 2022 | 03:59 | Football

The Portuguese superstar expressed his frustration when he was soon withdrawn to the field in the latest Manchester United match.

Man Utd is expected to have a difficult match as a guest at Brentford’s field. This is not too surprising given the recent form of the Red Devils is not good. Recently, they let Aston Villa draw 2-2 despite leading by 2 goals.

In fact, Man Utd was completely deadlocked in the first 45 minutes of play. After Anthony Elanga’s opening goal, coach Ralf Rangnick and his team were able to subdue Brentford. This match, Cristiano Ronaldo returned to the main squad.

The Portuguese superstar affirms his presence when he makes a positive contribution to the overall game. No one else, CR7 has a skillful chest pass for Bruno Fernandes to cross the empty space and create for Mason Greenwood to score.

 Ronaldo was not satisfied.

Ronaldo was not satisfied.

However, Ronaldo was immediately substituted off the field. It was easy to see that Ronaldo was disappointed. In the context of the team’s sublimation after having 2 goals in the lead, Ronaldo understood that he would have a chance to score. But before he could shoot, Ronaldo was forced to leave the field.

He was not satisfied, expressing his anger by throwing his shirt. This shows that Ronaldo is still hungry at the age of 36. In fact, Ronaldo constantly urges his teammates to correct themselves towards a successful season and he is an example.

Surely no Man Utd player has a greater desire to fight than Ronaldo. This is essential for the Red Devils to move forward. Every Man Utd player needs this quality for the team to get good results.

 Rangnick made the right decision.

Rangnick made the right decision.

As soon as Ronaldo’s reaction was discovered, coach Rangnick immediately took action. He went up to the stands to say something to Ronaldo to ease the situation. The German coach is very decisive, but when needed, he is also ready to connect with his students to avoid unfortunate incidents.

But most of all, Rangnick cannot satisfy a player like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. He puts the interests of the team first. Ronaldo had just returned from injury and Rangnick handled the situation correctly. He cannot risk Man Utd’s number 1 striker.

Even with Harry Maguire, he is ready to put this player on the bench when his form is low. This is almost impossible under Solskjaer. Overall, Rangnick had his reasons and the situation was still under control.